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L Cangini
Group , EuroDance
ID# :547


Bad Angel (Apr, 4 1995)

This project (also known as Luca Cangini DJ) features the voice of M Kiss. The single was released under the label Got It.

La Bouche
Group , EuroDance
ID# :548


Sweet Dreams/The Album (North American Version) (1995)

1. Be My Lover, 2. Sweet Dreams, 3. Fallin' In Love, 4. Where Do You Go, 5. I'll Be There, 6. Do You Still Need Me, 7. I Love to Love, 8. The Heat Is On, 9. Poetry In Motion, 10. Shoo Bee Do Bee Do (I Like That Way), 11. Nice 'N Slow, 12. Fallin' In Love (Spike Mix), 13. Be My Lover (House Mix), 14. Le Click - Tonight Is The Night

Sweet Dreams (July, 10 1995)

1. Forget Me Nots, 2. Sweet Dreams, 3. Be My Lover, 4. Fallin' In Love, 5. I'll Be There, 6. Nice'n'Slow, 7. Where Do You Go, 8. I Love To Love, 9. Do You Still Need Me, 10. Poetry In Motion, 11. Shoo Bee Do Bee Do (I Like That Way), 12. The Heat Is On, 13. Mama Look (I Love Him), 14. Be My Lover (House Mix)

All Mixed Up (December, 16 1995)

1. Be My Lover (Club Mix), 2. Fallin' In Love (Soul Solution Vocal Dub), 3. Sweet Dreams (Spike Mix), 4. Forget Me Nots (Club Mix), 5. Be My Lover (Spike Mix), 6. Fallin' In Love (Full harmony Club Mix), 7. I Love To Love (Club Mix), 8. Le Click : Tonight Is The Night (Dance Mix), 9. Sweet Dreams (Stylin' Free Mix), 10. Megamix

A Moment Of Love (1997)

1. You Won't Forget Me, 2. Unexpected Lovers, 3. S.O.S, 4. A Moment Of Love, 5. Whenever You Want, 6. I Can't Stand the Rain, 7. On A Night Like This, 8. Body & Soul, 9. Say You'll Be Mine, 10. Don't Let The Rain, 11. Sweet Little Persuader, 12. Say It With Love, 13. You Won't Forget Me (House Mix), 14. Candle In The Wind '97 (Gospel Version)

SOS (June, 16 1998)

1. You Won't Forget Me, 2. Unexpected Lovers, 3. SOS, 4. A Moment of Love, 5. Whenever You Want, 6. I Can't Stand The Rain, 7. On a Night Like This, 8. Bolingo, 9. Body & Soul, 10. Say You'll Be Mine, 11. Don't Let The Rain, 12. Sweet Little Persuader, 13. Say It With Love, 14. You Won't Forget Me (Original Mix)

The Best Of La Bouche (feat. Melanie Thornton) (April, 29 2002)

1. Sweet Dreams, 2. Be My Lover, 3. In Your Life, 4. Love How You Love Me, 5. Makin' Oooh Oooh, 6. Take Me 2 Heaven 2 Night, 7. Fallin' In Love, 8. Wonderful Dream (Holidays Are Coming), 9. Bolingo, 10. Unexpected Lovers, 11. A Moment Of Love, 12. Heartbeat, 13. Shoo Bee Do Bee Do, 14. Where Do You Go, 15. Do You Still Need Me, 16. Forget Me Nots, 17. SOS, 18. Whenever You Want, 19. (Ready To Fly) No Tears, 20. You Won't Forget Me, 21. Video Sweet Dreams


Sweet Dreams (May, 9 1994)
Be My Lover (Mar, 6 1995)
Fallin' In Love (Jun, 12 1995)
I Love To Love (Nov, 27 1995)
Megamix (Jun, 17 1996)
Bolingo (Love Is In The Air) (Oct, 14 1996)
You Won't Forget Me (Sep, 26 1997)
A Moment Of Love (Mar, 27 1998)
S.O.S. (Feb, 15 1999)
All I Want (Jun, 2 2000)
In Your Life (Nov, 25 2002)

Producers : Frank Farian with Ulli Brenner and Amir Saraf

La Bouche, featuring Melanie Thornton and D. Lane McCray Jr., fueled for the 90s with their own brand of pop, dance, and a twist of R&B. Melanie's voice was discovered by the FMP Studios team in Germany, and she was undoubtedly the perfect singer for their long dreamed of project, La Bouche. Lane, whom she had recently met and began performing with in a band called Groovin' Affairs, had the talent and striking looks to compliment Melanie's diva-powered vocals and sultry beauty, thus completing the concept of La Bouche. She recalls 'although we just began working together, the chemistry was perfect!'

The single that started it all was Sweet Dreams. At that time, Melanie was still hesitating between the 2 projects : la Bouche and Le Click. But the success was immediate : #3 in Israel, #1 in Italy and Spain, #8 in Germany, #8 in Australia, #8 in France, #5 in Switzerland, top 30 in the UK, # 13 in the USA Billboard Hot 100 (where it stayed not less than 33 weeks !).

The next single to be released was Be My Lover in 1995, becoming an instant hit once again : #8 in Israel, #6 in the USA Billboard Hot 100, #1 in Germany and Spain, top 10 in Holland, Austria and Belgium, #3 in Australia, #2 in Canada, #2 in Italy, #3 in France, #5 Switzeland, and #25 in the UK. After two gold singles in Germany, both of which had topped the European charts and gained massive radio play throughout Europe, Canada, and the United States, La Bouche unleashed their debut album Sweet Dreams, which brought them to the forefront of America's pop market to become the new sensation of the 90s. Two video clip versions of both Be My Lover and Sweet Dreams were shot. The newer versions were made in and for the US.

Then came a remixed version of Fallin In Love. In the US there was new radio mix (made by by AME, Florida) which went #16 on the America Top 40 radio charts. This new version, 3:49 long, was preferred to the Original slow version. But it was a radio station DJ only CD : people could not buy it in a store or anywhere.

The gorgeous I Love To Love followed. It went #6 in Australia. A Megamix was finally released in 1996 as a conclusion to this first album.

Afterwards there was quite a long pause. Melanie explains : "Frank Farian held pretty much total control of the project and he had, since the beginning of La Bouche, picked up a whole lot of other projects. We'd been put on the backburner until he'd finished producing No Mercy (and others). He did record a single called Bolingo that was supposed to be the introduction of our second album, but it didn't work that way. It was like six months after the end of our first album and like a year before the actual release of the second album. It wasn't supposed to be that way, but it's just the way it happened. Basically it was just waiting on Frank Farian. First to be ready to start producing and then, second, to be satisfied with the work. There were also power struggles going on there. I would have to say a lot of it was disagreements between Frank and the labels".

After some silence La Bouche released a single called You Won´t Forget Me in October 1997 and on the 17th November the new album A Moment of Love was released. The new album contains of 9 new songs, 3 remixes and, of course, Bolingo and You Won't Forget Me. One of the 9 new songs isn't completely new... Mama Look (I Love Him) which was on the European release of Sweet Dreams can also be found on the new album ! Most tracks on the new album are uptempo dance tracks !

Later in 1998 La Bouche has released a single called A Moment of Love. But La Bouche's second album didn't have the success expected. We had to wait more than one year to hear the following single : SOS.

2000 : La Bouche has finally released some new material ! This new single is entitled All I Want. But all Melanie's fans will be very disappointed because the diva was replaced by Natascha Wright. She had been a background singer for MC Hammer, DJ Bobo and some others, and also released some solo eurodance singles. But Lane McCray remained a part of the group and was still going strong with his rap.

A brandnew album was scheduled for September 2000 but still nothing has been released. Nothing either about the follow up to All I Want. The album would be produced as usual by Frank Farian and his team (FMP), and Lane McCray would be producing 3 tracks too. Lane was also planning a new solo record in the next 18 months.

The La Bouche project is also a remixers team since we can find many "La Bouche mix" for many eurodance singles : for example, Full Speed's Star or Le Voyage's I Need A Love.

November 2001 : Melanie Thornton died in a plane crash.

2002 : On April 4th BMG Germany will release an album of La Bouche feat. Melanie Thornton. This album will include the hits of La Bouche, the solo hits of the late Melanie Thornton, a videoclip of Sweet Dreams and two previously unreleased tracks of La Bouche.

Because of the tragic death of Melanie, we could think that La Bouche definitely belonged to the past, and Lane McCray is working on his debut solo album Naked Songs In The Key Of Love, which will be released late summer. Lane also felt in the wake of Melanie's death there would be no more La Bouche. The magic died with her and cannot be recreated.

But on November 25th the team finally decided to release a single. The release date was chosen because it was the first anniversary of Melanie's death. Entitled In Your Life, this very nice eurodance song was an unreleased song composed by Melanie Thornton herself. It also included a B-side called Take Me 2 Heaven 2 Night. There was a video (a sort of summary of the glorious years) and a best of album released along with the single.

2003 : La Bouche did a tour in support of In Your Life, beginning on the 6th April of 2003. Lane McCray brought his smooth dance, vocal and charisma to the stage. A new face joined Lane on stage : Kayo Shekoni, formerly the voice of Le Click. Together Lane and Kayo continued the sounds, songs and style that will always remain La Bouche. In Your Life reached #9 in the USA Billboard dance chart.

Dance Artists Info © 1996-98 Niklas Adolfsson
© 1996 Logic Records U.S., Inc.
Melanie Thornton's interview
Dance Artists Infos
Thanks to DJ Hooligan and BookmanJones

La Casa
Group , EuroDance
ID# :1461


Free Your Soul (1994)

Free Your Soul was released under the label Got It. Feel The Deadline and Motherfuckerhouse were released by a Belgian/Dutch techno project of the same name.

La Cream
Group , EuroDance
ID# :549


1. Intro, 2. Chateau d'Amour, 3. You, 4. Free, 5. Incendio, 6. Say Goodbye, 7. Bells Of Life, 8. Play With Fire, 9. In Your Eyes, 10. Hold You, 11. Dance, 12. Megamix


Château d'Amour (1997)
You (Dec 1998)
Free (1999)
Say Goodbye (Jun, 11 1999)

Production : Dr Records (directed by Dr Alban ).

The name is originally the name of the producer group that has made songs and remixes for many bands. La is a feminine article in French language and because Tess is singing in French and English it suits the songs.

The Swedish duo La Cream consisting of songstress/dancer Tess and DJ/producer Andréz , hit the charts again with their second single You. Their strong position on the Swedish Dance Chart shows a good grip on the DJ´s also this time. The big step on the Music Control Radio Chart has created just the position that the duo wanted. La Cream will most certainly be this years most successful artists in the category commercial dance music. You'll find both singles on La Creams debut album that'll be released in all of Scandinavia.

Tess and Andréz met at Dr Records studio while they both were working with different projects. Meanwhile they got to know each other, and with Tess stagehabit combined with Andréz producer and DJ experience it turned out to be a 'hit'. They decided to bring out multicultural modern music so the lyrics contains a mixture of French, Spanish and English. In May´98 they worked in the studio and the result came out as their debut single Château d´Amour.

The cover of Dr. Alban's hit This Time I'm Free called Free adds to their their singles : 'It's a very special track for me personally. When it was released in 1994 I was working as a dancer. I've danced a lot that song. No artists have had the opportunity to make cover of Dr. Alban's tracks. I really appreciated it when he said that I can do a cover of his old songs if I want to. He likes this project and me as an artist and believes in us so we had the chance to make it' says Tess.

© Dr Records

La Fortuna
Group , EuroDance
ID# :550


Why Can't You See (1994)
No Quieres (1994)

The female vocalist is probably Viviana from Da Blitz. The singles were released under the label Inprogress. Why Can't You See was released in December 1994, a remixes CD was released on the of 29th May 1995.

La Luna
Group , EuroTrance
ID# :1273


Save Me From The Night (under the name of K-Voice) (Jan 1999)
Venus (May, 14 1999)
When The Morning Comes (Jan 2000)
Take Me (Aug, 1 2000)
Kisses Of Fire (May, 15 2001)
Here I Am (Feb, 11 2002)
Fallin' (Dec, 6 2002)

La Luna is a Belgian beauty born 26th July 1980. Her real name is Sofie Lambaerts, but she prefers to be named Luna which is Italian word for moon

In 1998, by reading an advert in the local newspaper, she came in contact with one of the most successful Belgian producer/songwriter Regi Penxten (Milk Inc., Sylver). Regi was looking for a female singer to start a new dance project. Sofie Lambaerts succeeded the vocal testings and became the voice and face of the newly founded K-Voice featuring La Luna. The first single Save Me From The Night which was released in January 1999 didn't break any major records in Belgium but nevertheless became a respected club hit.

Regi and co-producer Steve Spaceman made the decision to put Sofie simply in front for the follow-up-single. Venus which was released in June 1999 was again a clubsuccess and made little cross-over to commercial radio. The single charted top 40 in the Flemish part of Belgium.

Things were going well, therefore a new single was released. In January 2000 the new single When The Morning Comes became a mega success. In no time the track hit the top regions of the charts in Belgium. La Luna was nominated with When The Morning Comes for single of the year by major station Radio Donna. La Luna became very popular amongst youngsters and appeared on the covers of several teenmags

Also Spain fell for the moon of Belgium. La Luna goes by an average of 2 times a month to the sunny country to do gigs. The fourth single Take Me, which was released in August 2000, entered in the top 10.

The long expected 5th single Kisses Of Fire was released April 2001 in Belgium. Like the other 4 singles, this one is again produced by Regi Penxten and Steve Spaceman.

On February 11th 2002 the next single was released. The song is called Here I Am.

Dancevibes Belgium
La Luna at Tourcontrol

La Rebel
Group , EuroDance
ID# :552


No Way Out (Apr, 22 1994)

No Way Out was released under the label MIX.

La Rouge
Group , EuroDance
ID# :1646


Makin' Love (Sep, 19 1994)

Label : Palmares. "Rouge" means "red" in French. Another single called Tell Me was released in Italy in November 1997, but it might as well be another project.

Thank to reBeL

LA Style
Group , EuroDance
ID# :1685


The Album (1991)

1. Balloony, 2. Jesus On Channel Four, 3. Toys (Use It), 4. Everybody Dance, 5. James Brown Is Dead, 6. I'm Raving, 7. L.A.Style Theme Song, 8. Twilight Zone, 9. American Dream, 10. It's Your Life, Baby

L.A. Style (1993)

1. James Brown Is Dead, 2. Balloony, 3. Jesus On Channel Four, 4. I'm Raving, 5. It's Your Life, Baby, 6. L.A. Style Theme, 7. Twilight Zone, 8. Toys (Use It), 9. Everybody Dance, 10. American Dream


James Brown Is Dead (Sep, 6 1991)
I'm Raving (1992)
Balloony (Feb, 16 1992)
Raving on L.A. Style (1994)
Got To Move (Jan, 25 1995)
Magic Trip (Aug, 9 1995)

LA Style was built around tha dancer and songwriter Stanley Foort (aka MC Stanford), who afterwards quitted the project to begin a solo carreer. The single that started it all was entitled James Brown Is Dead. 2 albums and many hits follwed. Their latest single Got To Move is an awesome eurodance track.

Thanks to "Klick" EuroHolic

La Tour
Group , EuroDance
ID# :553


Falling For Your Love (Nov, 15 1996)

Musical team : A. Oppermann, Achim Sobotta, T. Horn
New project for Trixi Delgado after she left Masterboy

LA Woman
Group , EuroDance
ID# :1119


Hold Out (Dec, 16 1994)

This single was released under the label Great Dance Records.

La Work
Group , EuroDance
ID# :554


In Memory of ... (1991)
Get Ready Make Love (1993)
Is It Real (What You Feel) (1995)
Crazy Boy (1996)
I Like Sex (1996)
Diamond In My Heart (1997)
Imagination (2000)
Congas Del Sol (Aug, 20 2003)

L.A. Work, alias Alexander Louvet (artist, producer & remixer), has been on the music scene since 1990 and to all insiders is far from an unknown figure... As the only professional dance artist from the German-speaking side of Belgium, he got with the maxi-singles In Memory Of ..., Get Ready Make Love, Is It Real..., Crazy Boy, I Like Sex, Diamond In My Heart and Imagination the international recognition he deserved.

It all started with the release of the maxi-single In Memory Of ... in 1991, and with the mini-album Get Ready-Make Love, in 1993. During the Midem 1994, L.A. Work was chosen by Sabam as one of the "Top 20 Belgian bands for the future". In 1994, Alexander founded his own label "The A.L.C. Productions", a production (2 studios), publishing and promotion company ; promoting most of his productions himself.

Midem 1995 was where L.A. Work signed a worldwide contract thanks to Is It Real .... This track was a co-production between No More/EMI Music Publishing and was produced by Serge Ramaekers & Dominique Sas, famously notorious for Confettis Sound of C and Living On My Own by Freddy Mercury.

L.A. Work on the stage consisted of Alexander Louvet himslef with his partners Tamara and Shirly. Since the start they had a long line of live gigs, touring with N'Sync, Whigfield , Snap , 2 Unlimited , Marlboro Music…

The follow maxi Crazy Boy was recorded by Koen Tillie (Claudia Chin) together with Ramaekers/Sas. This adaptation couldn't have been more suitable because this is the whole lifestyle of L.A. Work ... "Be crazy, have fun !". Koen Tillie, also worked on the following maxi-single from L.A. Work entitled I Like Sex. This dance track was shown in premiere at the Calypso Club in June 1996.

1997 : L.A. Work released the maxi Diamond In My Heart. In August, at the CD presentation in Euskirchen (Germany) in front of more than 10 000 people, the band confirmed to be one of the best dance acts Belgium has to offer.

1998 : L.A. Work created, around the new track Monotone a new project called Monotone featuring L.A. Work, signed with Byte Records...

2000 : L.A. Work released the maxi Imagination and signed worldwide - compilation deals.

2000 - 2001 : L.A. Work remixed several new projects as Neon Sky, The King, Springtime Melodys and for sure Monotone.

LA Work official page at the A.L.C. Productions

Group , EuroDance
ID# :555


The Night Is My Life (1994)
Time After Time (Mar, 4 1996)

Label : DJ Movement Records.

Lady Danii
Group , EuroDance
ID# :556

Female vocalist of Mr President

Danii was born in Bremen. Both her parents were Hard Rock artists. Father played in group called Living Games. He never had anything against her to get seriously involved with the music. The only thing he was not very happy about, was the fact that Lady Danii was doing Techno and Dance but not Rock. Father started teaching Lady Danii how to play guitar when she was 8 years old. Meanwhile he accepted the style she was doing. They actually now are using the same home studio to record together.

Danii created her first group with a friend called Petra. They created their songs and choreografics, and during the weekends they did some appearances in several shows and contests. Then she started participating in many dance competitions, performing mostly Hip Hop. In one of these competitions, she met Jens. Somehow she was able to "conquer" his phone number. She tried to convince him to take her to the group. The "lucky" day happened quite soon. One day a singer from Satellite One got sick and need for replacement emerged. That how she got in. Then she joined Lazy and T-Seven to became a member of Mr President.

Danii is not only an artist but also can design clothes. She finished designing school with success, and possesses the diploma. "Already as a child I had much fun to make cloth out of old peaces of everything. I loved to make up sections and organized fashion shows." she explains. When Mr President project was temporarily stopped, she went back to old passion, the fashion design : "I had time left to let my fantasie run free and to bring models to paper". She created in 2000 her own fashion company, Haak Design.

Danii recently adopted a small dog called Bandit : "The best decision of my life. Until today we both are inseparable."

In 2003 Mr President were officially back : T-Seven had left the group but Danii and Lazy were still there.

Haak Design page

Lady Shelly
Group , EuroDance
ID# :1202


Macarena (vs Los Locos) (Nov, 6 1995)
Get It On (Jan, 15 1996)
Sweet Party (Mar, 15 1996)

Thanks to EuroBoy

Lady Violet
Group , EuroTrance
ID# :557


Inside To Outside (Oct, 12 1999)
Beautiful World (Apr, 25 2000)
Lovin You Baby (Nov, 6 2000)
Calling Your Name (Jan 2001)
No Way No Time (Oct, 14 2001)
In Your Mind (Jul, 8 2002)

Lady Violet is a real countess. She originates from a Florentine ancient noble race of 600. Her life has always been conditioned by the usual rules and ceremonials of the noble life, but which she has never accepted, because her real nature makes her love freedom, sincerity, passions and transgressions. She has never accepted any sort of restriction, and her impulsive temper has always created several problems between her and her noble familiars and especially with a very traditionalist and conservator uncle. "I fell in love with dance music when I was really young" Lady Violet tells, "and I always secretly listened to it closed in the bathroom, dancing and doing my make up at the mirror; I wanted to be a singer since then, but I knew that my parents and my uncle in particular would have never approved and supported my choice."

"One night, at my friend’s birthday party I sang a song for him and another boy, who was at the party too, consequently noticed me and asked me if I wanted to sing a song he had been planning for a long time: a remake of a Limahl’s song of the 80s. His way of asking me was between serious and funny, but I immediately accepted with no hesitation anyway. I sang Inside To Outside and my discographer story began." The idea to give her a little halo of mystery was really born from Lady’s need not to reveal the new life to her familiars (her uncle would exclude her from the family heredity). The name Violet comes from her passion for this flower… As for Lady, her noble origins oblige to a natural elegance in the name as well…

"With Inside To Outside I realised my biggest dream : being a singer and performing on stage dancing and enjoying with the people ! Dance music is the only musical genre which really allows you to easily get in touch and communicate with the audience" Lady Violet says, adding that however her blue blood, she feels as any other normal girl, just wishing to enjoying and living her own life. Unfortunately her traditionalist and conservator uncle recognised her watching a TV show : he was really surprised and angry to see her with a violet wig, so much that he didn't want to speak with her anymore ! But it was too late to stop her, and anyway she did not wish to do. All the success gained with her debut single just gave her more satisfactions and the confirmation that she had to keep on with her own way. After being accredited as one of the best dance acts in her native country, climbing all the charts both of sales and radio, the single, a gold record in Denmark and Sweden, also scored chart positions in France, Belgium and Spain, and is due for UK release by end of September with a special remix. Entering all the international charts, she also appeared on all main music TV shows and dance events across Europe flying from Spain to France, from Belgium to Denmark, Norway and Sweden for all the Summer long!

Taken off her purple wig her success has been confirmed and established with the release of her second single Beautiful World, out Italy in April 2000, and with the participation to one of the most important Italian music TV show : Festvalbar 2000. The European release was scheduled between end of August and September: in Belgium it immediately entered the play lists of the main networks, and in France, it was the highest new entry in the club and sales charts ! In the meantime the artist is also working in the studio for recording her first album planned for release in this Autumn, which will contain songs remixed by Bini & Martini, Triple X, Frank'O Moiraghi, and Clutch.

Lady Violet Official homepage
Lady Violet at New Music International Italy

Group , EuroDance
ID# :1821


The Dream of the Free (Sep, 28 1998)

Not to be confused with the project Lagoon (directed by Christof Drouillet) which released the single Good Girls Go To Heaven (Bad Girls Go Everywhere).

Thanks to Eurodance Rage

Group , EuroDance
ID# :558


Crazy Night (Mar, 24 1995)

Crazy Night was released under the label Black Beard.

Group , EuroDance
ID# :559


Together (1992)
The Best (1994)

The female vocalist is probably Annerly Gordon (what is sure is that is credited for the songwriting).

Group , EuroDance
ID# :1481


Feel The Music (Jul, 26 1994)

Feel The Music was released in 1994 under Sony Music. It included 3 versions : a Radio-Edit, a Club-Mix and a Trance-Mix.

Lana E
Member , EuroDance
ID# :560

(Lana Earl)

First female vocalist for the group Culture Beat

Lancini Vince
Group , EuroDance
ID# :1124


Toujours L'amour (with Bosa Trida) (Dec, 27 1992)
Get Up (Sep, 27 1994)
It's Only Your Love (1995)
Storm In The Night (Apr, 4 1995)

Vince Lancini used to be a member of an Italo group named Scotch (known for singles such as Disco Band and Penguin's Invasion). The single Storm In The Night was written by himself and Rosellini. As well as the other singles Get Up and It's Only Your Love, it was released under the label One Way Records (with many other SAIFAM releases).

Thanks to Alex S

Group , EuroDance
ID# :551


Love Magic (feat Monsters) (Sep, 23 1993)
You Make Me Feel (Jun, 17 1994)

Love Magic was released under the label ATM, and You Make Me Feel under the label APP. Another single was released udner the name LaNotte : Return To Innocence but it is not well established wether it was the same project or not.

Lappesen Sascha
Member , EuroDance
ID# :561

Leader of Sash!

He was born in June 1970 in Nettedal (Germany). His passions are football and submarine diving. He's been learning how to play the organ since the age of 8, but his father forced him to become an engineer in electronics in order to become his successor as chirman of his electronics company. Sascha worked in many commercial jobs but music remained his first passion. He meets 2 producers in the discotheque where he worked as a DJ (the King's Club of Kaldenkirschen) and in 1995 they release their first single.

Member , EuroDance
ID# :562

Female vocalist of  Look Twice . Veronica  joined the band in the summer of 1995 and departed in Spring 1997, beacause she would like to pursue a solo career.

Group , EuroDance
ID# :563


Technology (Aug, 4 1993)

Laserman's only single Technology was released under Edel Records.

Group , EuroTrance
ID# :564


1. Intro, 2. Something, 3. Heaven, 4. Blue, 5. Don't Belong 2 U, 6. Follow You, 7. Cloud Surfers, 8. Alone, 9. Cry, 10. Pray, 11. Feeling, 12. Something (Peter Luts Remix), 13. Alone (Ian Van Dahl Remix)

Some Things (2nd Edition) (2002)

1. Intro, 2. I Wonder, 3. Something, 4. Heaven, 5. Blue, 6. Don't Belong 2 U, 7. Follow You, 8. Cloud Surfers,, 9. Alone, 10. Cry, 11. Pray, 12. Feelings, 13. Something (Peter Luts Remix), 14. Alone (Ian Van Dahl Remix), 15. I Wonder (Original Club Mix)

Some Things (Special edition) CD 1 (March, 3 2003)

1. Intro, 2. Something, 3. Blue, 4. Alone, 5. Searching, 6. I wonder, 7. Follow you, 8. Cry, 9. Pray, 10. You, 11. Heaven, 12. Don't belong 2 U, 13. Cloud surfers, 14. Feelings, 15. Alone (LMC Radio Edit)

Some Things (Special edition) CD 2 (March, 3 2003)


Something (May 2001)
Alone (Oct, 24 2001)
Pray (Oct, 22 2002)
Surrender (2003)

The Lasgo project is made of the producers and keyboardists Peter Luts and David Vervoort, and the female vocalist Evi "Evy" Goffin. Evy was born on 27th February 1981 in Antwerp. She is no newcomer in the musical business : under the name of Medusa, she released a single entitled Miss You with Fiocco. She also took part to the track New Year's Day, a trance cover of U2, with 2 Fabiola . Peter Luts has been producing for A&S Productions for more than 5 years now and is the musical force behind Astroline. He has also done remixes for Milk Inc . David Vervoort (aka Dave McCullen) is a singer-producer-performer who has been DJ-ing for over 7 years in Belgian clubs in Belgium and sometimes in other countries.

Lasgo appeared on the eurotrance scene with their first single and instant hit Something released in July 2001. Something entered the Belgian CD Singles Top10 and remained during more than 7 seven weeks, with a highest place at # 5.

Their very first live appearance took place on the Holiday Party, one of the biggest school's out party's in Belgium. TMF (the Belgian video-clip channel) recorded the show to produce a video clip. In Spain, where the track was released simultaneously, the results were great : the single was the best selling vinyl at the distributor the week of its release ! Afterwards the song was signed with Elektrola (Germany) and Positiva (UK). A videoclip was shot in Prague. 2 forthcoming singles are already planned : Alone (planned for October 29th) and Pray.

On the 27th of October, Lasgo won the Belgian TMF Award of the best national single for Something (which sold gold). On November 19th their debut album was released : entitled Some Things, it contains 11 songs plus 2 remixes of the first singles.

2002 : Lasgo recorded 3 new tracks entitled Searching, You and I Wonder. The tracks will be on a repacked album which will also feature a lot of remixes of their hits. The release is planned for the end of this year. Lasgo's new single was at first planned to be I Wonder (its release was even set for the 2nd of September) but I could be rather Pray. The videoclip has been recorded in the US (in Long Island) and the vinyl will be released worldwide on the 14th of October. It'll feature remixes by Peter Luts, Dave McCullen, Driftwood and Kidjemet & Kovac.

Finally Pray was released in Germany on the 22nd of October, and the US on the 18th of November. It did pretty well there : in their 10th week they climbed to #46 in the US Billboard Top 100.

2003 : Lasgo released a new single called Surrender.

2004 : in February, Surrender went up to # 9 in Belgium and #5 in the German DJ Playlist, it also peaked up to #14 in the Danish Dancechart and in Finland too. Surrender was released in the UK under Positiva on the 19th of April.

Remixes done by Lasgo team

Atomic Kitten – The Tide Is High (2002)
Aurora - The Day It Rained Forever (2002)
Driftwood - Freeloader (2002)

Lasgo at Dancevibes Belgium
Thanks to Felix, Anders Bøgh, MC Kasper, DJ Hooligan and DJ Stakan

Laszlo Ken
Group , HiNRG
ID# :565


Ken Laszlo (1987)

1. Tonight / Remix, 1. Tonight / Remix, 2. Let Me Try, 2. Let Me Try, 3. Black Pearl, 3. Black Pearl, 4. Glasses Man, 4. Glasses Man, 5. 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8, 5. 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8, 6. Talking, 6. Talking, 7. Don't Cry Tonight, 7. Don't Cry Tonight, 8. Hey Hey Guy (USA Remix), 8. Hey Hey Guy (USA Remix)

Best Of Ken Laszlo and Patty Ryan (1991)

1. Hey Hey Guy, 2. Tonight, 3. Don't Cry, 4. Glasses Man, 5. 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8, 6. Sha La La, 7. Madame, 8. Patty Ryan - You're My Love & Life, 9. Patty Ryan - Love Is The Name Of The Game, 10. Patty Ryan - Stay With Me Tonight, 11. Patty Ryan - I Don't Wanna Lose You Tonight, 12. Patty Ryan - Chinese Eyes, 13. Laban - Love In Siberia

Lo Mejor De Ken Laszlo (1994)

1. Tonight ('94 Remix), 2. Glasses Man, 3. Baby Call Me (Mix Edit), 4. Happy Song, 5. Everytime (Club Mix), 6. Tonight (Original Edit), 7. Hey Hey Guy (Original Edit), 8. Sha La La (Club Mix), 9. Mary Ann, 10. Me And You

The Best Of Ken Laszlo (1994)

1. Tonight (Original Edit), 2. Hey Hey Guy (Original Edit), 3. Glasses Man, 4. Baby Call Me (Mix Edit), 5. Happy Song, 6. Sha La La (Club Mix), 7. Everytime (Club Mix), 8. Mary Ann, 9. Me And You, 10. Tonight ('94 Remix)

The Best Of Ken Laszlo (1997)

1. What A Lonely Night, 2. You're My Heart, You're My Soul, 3. Everytime, 4. Sha La La, 5. Me And You, 6. Tonight, 7. Hey Hey Guy, 8. Mary Ann, 9. Baby Call Me, 10. Happy Song

1. Love Things, 2. Hey Hey Guy 2000, 3. E-Mail Box, 4. A Wonderful Love, 5. Whatever Love, 6. You're A Woman, 7. Tonight 2000, 8. What A Lonely Night, 9. Summer Nights (The Groovy Summer Mix), 11. Video Killed The Radio Star (Radio Edit), 12. What Is Your Love, 13. Love Things (Factory Team Mix), 14. Hey Hey Guy 2000 (Long Edit)

Ken Laszlo EP (1998)

1. Video Killed The Radio Star (Factory Team Remix), 2. Tonight (Original Edit '94), 3. Whatever Love (Factory Team Edit), 4. What A Lonely Night (Club Mix)

Album 2000 CD 1 (2000)

1. Hey Hey Guy 2000, 2. Tonight 2000, 3. You're A Woman, 4. Love Things, 5. E-Mail Box, 6. A Wonderful Love, 7. Summer Nights, 8. What A Lonely Night, 9. When I Fall In Love, 10. Video Killed The Radio Star, 11. What Is Your Love, 12. Whatever Love, 13. Video Killed The Radio Star (Factory Team Remix), 14. Hey Hey Guy 2000 (Long Edit)

Album 2000 CD 2 (2000)

1. Hey Hey Guy, 2. Tonight, 3., 5. Glasses Man, 6. You're My Heart, You're My Soul, 7. Everytime, 8. Me And You, 9. Mary Ann, 10. Baby Call Me, 11. Ken Laszlo Megamix


Hey Hey Guy (Swedish Mega Mix Version)
Tonight (Remix & Re-Remix)
Whatever Love (with Jenny)
Hey Hey Guy (1984)
Hey Hey Guy (Special Nunk Remix) (1984)
Tonight (1985)
Tonight (Italien Remix) (1986)
Don't Cry (1986)
Glasses Man (1987)
Red Man / Black Pearl (1988)
Everybody Is Dancing (1989)
Madame / Let Me Try (1989)
Hey Hey Guy For Tonight (Ken Laszlo & Innocents) (1989)
Happy Song (1991)
Sha La La (1991)
Mary Ann (1992)
Baby Call Me (1992)
Golden-Dance-Classics. Hey Hey Guy (1992)
Golden-Dance-Classics. Tonight & (1992)
Hey Hey Guy (1994)
Tonight / Original Version (1994)
Everytime (1994)
Tonight / Me And You (1994)
Megamix (1994)
What A Lonely Night (with Jenny) (1995)
Video Killed The Radio Star (with Jenny) (1996)
When I Fall In Love (1997)
Ken Laszlo / Pulstar - Hey Hey Guy / Hypnosis (1998)
Summer Nights (with Jenny) (1998)
Summer Nights / When I Fall In Love (1998)
Love Things - Hey Hey Guy 2000 (with Jenny) (1998)
Tonight 2000 - E-Mail Box (1999)
Maybe A Lonely Night (with Morgana) (2000)
For A Day (with Jenny) (2000)
One Small Day (with Kate Project) (Nov 2001)

Produced by SAIFAM Publishing Group

Even since he was a little boy, Ken had a special talent for music. He also learned to play the flute and graduated from the academy of music. When Ken was fifteen, he began his training as a musician by singing and playing in discoteques and clubs. Ken had his first big success in 1984. His songs Hey, Hey Guy, Tonight, Don't Cry, etc. were not only the biggest hits in Europe but also in Asia and in Venezuela. He sold more than 1 000 000 of copies.

He took part to the Dance Hits '80 compilation released in 1997 with the tracks You're My Heart You're My Soul, Brother Louie, Touch By Touch, Tonight, and as always his own hit Hey Hey Guy. He recently released a lot of singles in duet with the SAIFAM singer Jenny

In on of his latest singles Ken meets Morgana in a brand eurotrance track : Maybe A Lonely Night, taken from his new album Dr. Ken & Mr. Laszlo.

2001 : In November, Ken's new single was released, this time it was a duo with another SAIFAM project : Kate Project, entitled One Small Day.

Other projects featuring Ken Lazslo's voice :

Ric Fellini : Welcome To Rimini (1984), Souvenir d'Amour (1986), The Way To Heaven (1992), I Wanna Shout (1993), Stop And Go (1995) , Welcome To Rimini Remix (1998)
Danny Keith : Lean On Me (1990), Hold On, Du Du Da Da, Come To My Arms, Sex Over The Phone, One More Time (1992), Booby (1992)
DJ Nrg : I'm A Dee Jay (1992), Ringo Boy / Bad Boy (1992), Kamikaze (1993), You Are The Number One / Extasy (1993), The Real Thing (1994), Go Go (1995), Burning Out, Go West / In The Navy
K.L. Jones : City Lights (1992), Ciao Ciao Babe (1993), Take Me Away (1993), Don't Cry (1994), I Was Made For Loving You (1994), Funny Funny Dance (1994)
Malcolm J. Hill : Run To Me (1990), Tin Box (1992), Fantasy
Michael Dream : Never Say Never (1992), Feel Like Dancing
Coy Mc Coy : Island (1991)
Maltese : It's Alright (1991), I Hate Monday (1993)
Ken Hunter : Ready For Love (1994)
Spencer : Doctor Of Love (1996)
MR. Bean : Let Your Body Rock
Alvin : Shocking Fever, Runaway Getaway
Tommie B. : My Blue Eyes
Mike Freeman : What Is Real (1991), Take Your Time (1992)
Dave Cole : Space Desire (1991)
Coo Coo : Easy Lover (1990), Energy (1990), Boogie Woogie (1990), Winner (1990)
Mark Tower & Co. : My Desire (1990)
Asia Gang : Afrika, Happy Birthday
The Boys : It's A Sin / Always On My Mind
Unlimited Beats : Pet Shop Boys Megamix

Alexander Melnik
SAIFAM Publishing Group

Group , EuroDance
ID# :566


Someday (1995)

The project is made of a solo female vocalist. The single was released under Hi-Bias records.

Another single called For Your Love was released in August 1994 by an Italian project with the same name.

Group , EuroDance
ID# :1822


All My Dreams (Don't Ever Leave) (1996)

Features the raps of MC Solo.

Thanks to Eurodance Rage

Lazy Dee
Member , EuroDance
ID# :567

Rapper and singer of Mr President

Lazy Dee is just a 'lazy' guy. He does not think he is lazy, but he admits to be often late. This name was 'given' to them by his friends. He was originally born in England but his parents are from Jamaica. He came to Germany 5 years ago with a Reggae group to do tour. He met Lady Danii and T and now he is with the group.

He lives in Germany. He is described as a huge skirt chaser. One can read on the number plate of his big American car the letters 'MRP'

Le Click
Group , EuroDance
ID# :568


1. Don't Go, 2. I'm In Trouble, 3. Call Me, 4. Heaven's Got To Be Better, 5. ... And We Fly, 6. Tonight Is The Night, 7. Voodoo Fever, 8. Love Is A Wonderful Thing, 9. Tell Me That You Want Me, 10. Show Me, 11. Come Into My World, 11. Outside Life, 12. Something To Dream Of, 13. The Call, 14. Hidden Bonus Track

Le Click (1997)

1. Don't Go, 2. I'm In Trouble, 3. Call Me, 4. Heaven's Got To Be Better, 5. ... And We Fly, 6. Tonight Is The Night, 7. Voodoo Fever, 8. Tell Me That You Want Me, 9. Show Me, 10. Come Into My World, 11. Something To Dream Of

In Shock 2002 (Never released) (2002)

1. Feel So Right, 2. No More Tears, 3. 4U, 4. Remember Me, 5. Hero Of The Night, 6. A Place In My Heart, 7. Heartless, 8. Shock!, 9. Round & Round, 10. Light Up Me, 11. More The Volume, 12. Pressure, 13. 4U (Overworked Trance Mix)


Tonight Is The Night (Mar, 20 1995)
Call Me (Jan, 31 1997)
Don't Go (Sep, 5 1997)

Blow Up Records had two dance music projects, both vocalised by Melanie Thornton : La Bouche with the raps of Lane McCray Jr. and Le Click, with the Caribbean Michael Romeo. The songs Sweet Dreams and Tonight Is The Night were released practically together, and Melanie would continue in the group which song would become most successful. Bad luck for Romeo... But Tonight Is The Night is a very good song, and it's still having massive airplay in USA. So the label decided to revive the project, now with a new formation : Kayo Shekoni in the vocals and Robert Haynes doing the raps.

The second single was entitled Call Me. The versions released in UK and in the USA strongly differed from each other. The American version in same style than Culture Beat Inside Out. UK Airplay version was a real eurodance song.

Produced by German dance auteurs Amir Saraf and Ulli Brenner (the pair behind La Bouche's clubland smashes Sweet Dreams and Be My Lover), with songwriting contributions by Nosie Katzmann, this debut album is state of the art dance-pop, a seamless amalgam of Moroder/Summer-era disco, street-edged hip-hop, house, synthpop and electronics. Call Me Le Click's current single, pits Kayo's seductive soprano with a guest appearance by Robert Haynes' sing-song rap with a throbbing Europop pulse that sweeps the dance floor in a cathartic epiphany: 'I will be there for you/ if you need someone'.

Le Click featuring Kayo's debut album has its share of dance-floor hits, but, according to Kayo, "You can listen to the songs at home." "It's not just a club album!" Whether it's the acoustic flamenco guitar on Don't Go, or the pealing church bells on I'm In Trouble, the wide-screen strings on Heaven's Got To Be Better, the sultry soul of Come Into My World or the dance-trance electropop of Something To Dream Of, this lush album is not just your standard toot-toot/beep-beep plastic beats.

"The most important thing for me is to do something that makes me very happy," says Kayo, who has starred in movies in Sweden and co-hosted a popular Swedish game show, but insists for now she will concentrate on one thing at a time. 'To go out and see the world through my music.' With a mixed background to match her melting pop musical sensibility of techno, R&B, soul and disco, Kayo has embraced her heritage whole-heartedly. 'It might sound a little mushy, but sometimes I feel that people like me can work as a bridge between two cultures and different musical styles." Le Click featuring Kayo does just that. 2002 : after 5 years of silence, Le Click is back with a new album entitled In Shock 2002. Kayo Shekoni is still a part of the project, with a new partner called Sammuel De Rodas.

© Eurodancemix
© 1996-98 Logic Records U.S.
Thanks to DJ Hooligan

Le Lips
Group , EuroDance
ID# :1704


Rhythm (Oct, 18 1994)

Label : Mix Totale

Le Voyage
Group , EuroDance
ID# :569


I Need A Love (Feb, 26 1995)

Le Voyage is a co-production of Amir Saraf , more well-known for projects such as La Bouche with the producers Wagenknecht and Misar (who is none other than Mike Staab ). The vocals were done by Deidra A Martin-Jones.

Lea Kiss
Group , EuroDance
ID# :570


This Is (featured by X-power)
Sexy Woman (1994)
Don't You Want Love (Aug 1994)
Don't Stop The Night (Jul 1995)

Producer : Pascal Maton
Composer : A. Teitscheid

Lea began her carrier as a singer for the group X-Power. Pascal Maton is also the producer of Norma Ray

LED Records
Company ,
ID# :1347

Records company of Hyena, Emeralds, Love 4 Sale...

Luigi Stanga founded LED Records in 1989 with the aim to produce, market, publish and license every kind of dance songs : Pop Dance, Underground, Techno, Eurobeat and High Energy. Vibration (Eurobeat) and Looking Forward (House) are LED subsidiary labels.

From the very beginning, the LED label specialised in Pop Dance productions and Luigi Stanga was fully involved as producer and songwriter, jointly with partners such as DJ Joe who co-produced the Japanese smash hit Bach is Back by Hyena, Fabrizio Rizzolo who co-produced Change The Way by Maria Short, and Ivan Gechele. LED Records launched the Eurobeat label Vibration in 1995 which immediately became one of the most innovative and creative label in this sector for Japan and S.E. Asia.

Looking Forward was one of the first House-oriented labels in the whole of Europe and had the privilege of signing up some of the most reputed international producers such as Claudio Coccoluto (Alma Latina), E. Morillo (The Rhythmz), Marco Trani (B.O.P.), Paolo Martini (Alma Latina RMX), Cuttin' Cream (Rockin Feeling) and many others.

The LED Records catalogue includes more than 300 tracks (all dance-oriented) that have been successfully exploited in many countries all over the world under label deal or track by track licensing agreement. LED Records controls four professional recording studios and manages some of the most successful producers/remixers in Japan and S.E. Asia. LED Records is a repertoire source for companies such as Avex, Toshiba, JVC, Sony, Wea, Konami and Farm.


Lee Carol
Group , EuroDance
ID# :1117


Mama Girl (1990)
For Love (1991)
Let's Get Back (1995)
Friend (1998)

Lee Marrow
Group , HiNRG
ID# :571


Best Of


Shanghai (1985)
Sayonara (1985)
Cannibals (1986)
Mr Fantasy (1986)
Don't Stop The Music (1987)
Pain (Apr 1990)
Movin' (Jun 1990)
Do You Want Me (feat. Lipstick) (Aug 1990)
Lot To Learn (Oct 1990)
To Go Crazy (Jan, 23 1991)
I Want Your Love (feat. Charme) (May, 1 1992)
Do You Want Me Remix ‘92 (feat. Lipstick) (Oct, 20 1992)
Biggest Dick (with The Love Tools) (Apr, 3 1993)
Baby I Need Your Love (feat. Ce Ce Houston) (Jun, 18 1993)
Try Me Out (feat. Charme) (Spring 1993)
Da Da Da (Dance To The House) (Summer 1993)

See Bontempi (Francesco) for biography

Leeza B
Group , EuroDance
ID# :572


Cause You're Young
Wave Of Light (Dec, 12 1994)

Left Party
Group , EuroDance
ID# :1515


You're My Heart

Their single is a cover of Modern Talking's hit You're My Heart You're My Soul, released by Dieter Bohlen himself ! Cause You're Young was released under Contraseña label.

Leigh Lyane
Member , EuroDance
ID# :573


Alle Was Sie Wollte
My Heart Is On Fire (1989)
Engel Der Liebe (1990)
Die Nacht Am Lago Maggiore (1992)
Such Mich (1993)
Du Machst Mich An (Sowie Eine Radio) (1993)
Auf Der Suche (Nach Der Wahrheit) (2001)
Du Bist (planned for) (2003)

Real name : Liane Hegemann.

Lyane was born in Germany about 30 yers ago. She is and international famous and successful singer (she took part to many bands such as Twenty-one, Xanadu, Pop Secret, Alle Für Alle, E-Rotic , SEX Appeal , Missing Heart ), composer and author (she released many solo singles in the early nineties), she sold over 3 millions of singles and about 850.000 albums all over the world. She is also a trained producer of multimedia products. She is one of the 3 members of the German label 3H Music .

E-Rotic was established as a project in 1994 by Lyane Leigh, Raz-ma-Taz and David Brandes as her producer and also singer. Till then Lyane had participated in numerous studio productions as a singer and composer (e.g.Fancy or Bad Boys Blue : Come Back And Stay). Lyane and David were familiar with each other from the time they spent together with Xanadu where David was another lead-singer.

In the end of 1995 Lyane and David separated because of their increasing problems in the co-operation between the band and the producers. "He promised me a lot of things during my E-Rotic time, but never was willing to keep his promises. One of these promises was to produce a mixed video (both cartoon and real people). We were never shown in the videos and so we had problems with our concerts, cause no-one really knew us as persons. The biggest problem actually was that he wanted even money from our liveshows, also he was interfering with everything" Lyane Leigh tells. Lyane was replaced by Jeanette Christensen. To avoid a long standing lawsuit about the label 'E-Rotic' Lyane established S.E.X. Appeal. Anyway, she had to keep on singing for E-Rotic until their single Mambo No Sex. "It was not funny at all, but there was nothing I could do about it. As long as my contract lasts, I would have to pay a huge amount if I was telling anybody about it", Lyane says.

She is currently working on her solo carreer and contributing as producer and writer to the dance project Fresh Trends.

2002 : she just finished recording her first solo album Komm Her Zu Mir. It contained some ballads (Jeder Neue Morgen, Du Gibst Mir Kraft and Ich Folge Dir Nach), some German pop songs (Schau Dich Nur An, Blinde Augen and Austauschbar) and some more uptempo tracks (Erleichter Mein Gewissen, Frei Sein, Du Bist and the title-track Komm Her Zu Mir)

2003 : her voice can also be heard on Hardhouse and Do You Think It’s Magic, singles of Experience Of Music. She was also featured by Tamo, ex member of Fresh Trends for the single Another Night (released in May).

3H Music
Lyane Leigh Official site

Leila K
Group , EuroDance
ID# :574


1. Acozawea, 2. Got To Get, 3. On Tour, 4. Just Tell Me, 5. Human Drummer, 6. It Feels So Right, 7. From Scratch, 8. Rok The Nation, 9. Do Something Nice, 10. Love 4 Love, 11. Fonky Beats For Your Mind, 12. Dance The Fonk, 13. Mind Expander, 14. Rok The Nation (Funk-E Drummer Mix), 15. Got To Get (Stones Nordik Swing Theory)

Carousel (1993)

1. Carousel, 2. Open Sesame, 3. Ca Plane Pour Moi, 4. Slow Motion, 5. Glam!, 6. Check The Dan, 7. Pyramid, 8. Massively Massive, 9. Close Your Eyes, 10. Open Sesame (Last exit remix), 11. Ca Plane Pour Moi (Felix remix)

Manic Panic (1996)

1. C'mon Now, 2. Blacklisted, 3. Dynamite, 4. It's 2 Die 4, 5. Electric, 6. Murderer, 7. Rude Boy, 8. Cue Club, 9. I'm Coming To You, 10. C'mon Now (Amadin remix)

Leila K's Greatest Tracks (May, 28 2003)

1. Carousel, 2. Electric, 3. Ca Plane Pour Moi, 4. Open Sesame, 5. Slow Motion, 6. Got To Get (With Rob'n'Raz), 7. Rok The Nation (With Rob'n'Raz), 8. Rude Boy, 9. C'Mon Now, 10. Murderer, 11. Hello Afrika (Dr Alban feat Leila K), 12. Check The Dan, 13. Blacklisted, 14. Time, 15. Magic Ball, 16. I Love To Roll (Backyard Babies feat Leila K), 17. Close Your Eyes, 18. Positive Engergy, 19. Possessed, 20. Burnin' Up


Open Sesame remixes (1992)
Open Sesame (1992)
Ca Plane Pour Moi / Check The Dan (1993)
Slow Motion (1993)
Close Your Eyes (1993)
Electric (1995)
C'Mon Now (1996)
Rude Boy (1996)
Blacklisted (1996)
Open Sesame '99 (1999)
Burning Up (1999)

Leila K. (Leila El Khalifi) is a swedish pop-star born September 6th 1971 in the suburb Bergsjön of Göteborg in Sweden. Her parents are from Morocco. Her dad worked as a trolley driver. Like any other girl Leila K. went to school, but she didn't like it one bit. She did whatever she could to get thrown out from classes. After 7 years of this, her parents got angry at her and sent her to a Moroccian school, but (of course) she didn't fit in to the system. So, after one year, she was sent back to Sweden.

Once back in Sweden she ran away from home, and hung out on bars and discos. Through one of those discos she got aware of a music contest, and entered. Some of the people in the jury of the music contest were the members of Rob'n'Raz, and they liked her music so much that they in 1988 offered her at music contract, which she accepted.

As a result, Leila K's music career started in 1989, with the huge hitrecord Got To Get, which she performed together with Rob'n'raz. According to Leila K. Got To Get should never have been released, but was released due to a huge demand on radio stations. Other hit singles Leila K. and Rob'n'Raz had together was Rok The Nation, Just Tell Me and It Feels So Right. They also released an album called Rob'n'raz feat. Leila K..

In 1990 they went on a tour, and Leila K. got 500 SEK for each concert she performed. But after a while she got tired of singing along with Rob'n'Raz and went on her own to Ibiza, where she was treated like any superstar you can think of. She managed to arrange concerts of her own, and on those she earned 85.000 SEK per concert. Doing so well she didn't want to go home to Sweden, so she had to be forced home. And once home again all the easy money was spent. Well, well, easy come, easy go. Since Leila K. ran away from the tour, Rob'n'Raz didn't want to know anything more about her, so she suddenly was on her own.

Her solo career started in 1991, with the first single Time(it was never released on any album). The single was later followed by Magic Ball, another song that has never been released on an album. In 1992 she was back with the monster hitsingle Open Sesame climbing high on the charts all over Europe (becoming for example # 12 in Israel, and # 12 at MTV Europe). The album Carousel came the next year, followed up with singles such as Check The Dan, Ca Plane Pour Moi (# 21 in Israel, # 9 MTV Europe), Slow Motion and Close Your Eyes.

Allthough Leila K. did quite good for some years (in 1993 she was the best selling female artist in Europe), she has also experienced problems. After the success with Rob'n'Raz, she didn't manage to do just as well on her own. On her own she just couldn't produce songs popular enough to follow up the success with them. After the Carouselalbum she experienced some real trouble. In 1994 she earned only about 50.000 SEK (about $7,100) and at the end of the year she owed the swedish tax collectors about 122.000 SEK. She actually got bankrupt! She claims, however, that the debt of 122.000 is just a mistake.

Leila K. does not (as far as we know) have any education, she does not have a drivers license, her only occupation is as pop star. She loves driving in a limmo and loves to be on stage. She has a most unserious view of life : "life is just a party" as she says in her latest album Manic Panic.

After 2 years of inactivity, she returned in December 1995 with the hit single Electric, which became hot on several dance-charts, reaching # 18 in Israel, # 8 in Belgium and a top 3 single in Sweden and Finland. In the spring of 1996 the second single came : C'mon Now, which was quite different for her earlier singles by beeing more of a rock-track than a dance-track. In the early summer 1996 her latest album was released : Manic Panic. Later the same year a new single was released: Rude Boy, with Papa Dee assisting her on the lyrics. Both C'Mon Nowand Rude Boydid quite well as singles. The last single from Manic Panic was Blacklisted, but it never became a success.

Since the spring of 1997 we haven't heard much from Leila K. A reason for that is that she's having big trouble finding a producer that will stand by her after she was involved in a serious traffic accident in 1998, and specially after the death of her former producer and friend Denniz PoP in 1999. There has however been a little bit of activity. Late 1998 SVT, a Swedish TV-corporation, made a documentary about Leila K's struggle for stardom. And in 1999 two singles were released : Open Sesame '99with new remixes of her most popular hit ever, and Burning Upa cover of an old Madonna-song (from the first Madonna album) together with the group Elephant and Castle.

1999 : Daisy Dee has released a cover version of Open Sesame.

2003 : Leila now lives in the streets, a life far away from the stardom and glamour that surrounded her in the early 90s. She has to steal her food and got sometimes arrested by local police. She had 6 months of rehabilitation at an institution in Skåne. She feels betrayed and exploited by those who made her a star in the first place. She still burns for her music, and that she would love to go back in to a studio.

A new collection of Leila K’s greatest hits is expected to hit stores this spring : the profit of the record release is destined to help the pop-star back to a better life. This brand new compilation contains 3 previously unreleased tracks : Positive Energy, Possessed and Burnin' Up. On the second CD one could find the videos of Open Sesame, Slow Motion, Electric, C'mon Now, Close Your Eyes and Got To Get ( feat Rob'n' Raz).

2004 : Leila K's hit Open Sesame was covered by Syndicate of Law and renamed Accelerator.

Leila K Homepage
Leila K at Findance
Thanks to Shimon O'Hana for the charts positions
Thanks to Mheidi for the latest informations

Group , EuroDance
ID# :575


I Wanna Be With You (Jan, 25 1994)
Something In My Heart (Aug, 9 1994)
To The Rhythm Of Love (Oct, 5 1995)
No Limit For Love (Summer 1996)

Lena (Zen Kin is just her composer pseudonym) comes from Russia. With the collaboration of Tonio Polichiso she released under the french label Eliott Music 3 excellent eurodance singles. A megamix was even released in France on the compilation Madmix 2. Then Lena moved to Santo Domingo where she currently lives.

The CD-maxi of Something In My Heart included a Radio Edit, a Dusseldorf Extended Mix, a Euro Extended Mix, a Sunday Evening Mix and an Ambient Mix.

Her last single was produced by Media.

Thanks to Gerard Langella from Elliot Music

Group , EuroDance
ID# :1708


1. Mystery, 2. Get Up An Dance, 3. Uula-la-la, 4. Allah, 5. Drive My Heart, 6. Can I Feel You, 7. Magic Tour, 8. Force Of Power, 9. We Ain't Back, 10. At Your Desire, 11. Tombola No.11, 12. 4 Tea 4 You


Mystery (1994)

Lenin is a project built around Andrey, a multitalented artist : as well vocalist, rapper & dancer. The exclusive producer, songwriter and arranger of project is equally multitalented Yuri Chernavsky. He had been writing the songs for many Russian pop stars since the begining of 80's. Before 1990 he was the co-owner of studio Record, where he used to work with pop singers. In the beginning of 90's he left Record and went to Germany. In 1994 Chernavsky took part to the project Mark'Oh (Tears Don't Lie, Never Stop That Feeling) at studio How's That Music Prod. GmbH. Since 1995 and to this day he's been living and working in Hollywood.

In april 1994 Yuri Chernavsky invited Andrey in Germany to record two songs for a musical project of the company Max C International Incorporation. The English and German musicians were frankly surprised when they saw a guy from Russia who was able to work in the popular eurodance style and to sing so well in English. The recording of songs followed quickly. The result was so amazing that the decision to record a whole album was soon taken.

Among the artists who collaborated with Andrey to the album, were Samira Besic herself (maybe on the track Get Up An Dance), Bruce & Bongo ("Geil"), the rapper Smi Ling from New York, and the African singer Coffee.

The best tracks from the album Magic Tour are probably Mystery, Get Up An Dance and At Your Desire, 3 powerful eurodance tracks. 4 Tea 4 You is the eurodance remake of the single Everybody Gonfi-Gon, originally performed by Two Cowboys. One video was shot, for the single Mystery. The album was released under the label Pikosso records / How's That Music Prod. GmbH.

Thanks to MC Kasper

Group , EuroDance
ID# :1550

The single was released under the label Contraseña.

Levis Steven
Producer , EuroDance
ID# :576


Steven started his carreer back in 1992 with the release of the first single Brainreaction EP under the label Abfahrt-Records from the Darmstadt DJ and Producer Torsten Fenslau . The same year he produced Dark AT's single Was Guckst Du Lan and the famous Blackbuster megamixes. In 1993, together with Nosie Katzmann he composed the songs Mr Vain and The Hurt, and Tosten Fenslau recorded them with the group Culture Beat . After that Steven Levis worked as a co-Producer for a number of artists : Clubfish, Natascha Wright , Vanilla, Skywalker, Steven Levis Project and Randell. Steven was also co-author for the following songs : Love Is The Price for DJ Bobo , King Of The World by Loft , Keep Me In Mind by Nina , Freaky Flow by Ice MC , Who Wants To Be Your Lover by Jimmy James, It's Over for Tiggy and Dance The Night Away by Pyromaniacs.

In 1996 he took part to the foundation of the Get Into Magic recording studio along with Nosie Katzmann, Hubert Nitsch , J.D.Wood and Falk Wiesenberg. In 1997 Tobsucht (a band from Darmstadt) was produced at the Get Into Magic studios. This strengthened Steven Levis' reputation as an engineer and mixer.

1998 : Steven quits the Get Into Magic studios complex and simultaniously establishes the S.L. PRODUCTION studio.

Clubfish - Nimm'n, Was Guckt`n Die
Culture Beat - Mr.Vain, The Hurt
DJ Bobo - Love Is The Price
Dark A.T.8 - Was Gucks't Du Lan
Delicious - Groove Is In the Heart
Deltree - Corners Of My Mind
Ice MC - Freaky Flow
In-Trance - Brain Reaction, Blackbuster megamix (1), Blackbuster megamix (2)
Jimmy James - Who Wants To be Your Lover
Loft - King Of The World
Natascha Wright - Party Of One, Lovely Lie, Say You Think Of Me
Nina - Keep Me In Mind
Pyromaniacs - Dance The Night Away
Randell - Haus Der Drei Sonnen
Skywalker - Little Jesus
Steven Levis Project - Out Of My Head
Tiggy - It's Over
Vanilla - Sell Me Your Secrets

Group , EuroDance
ID# :577


Private Fantasy

Private Fantasy was released under the label Union Records. The single contained an Extended Union Remix, Union Radio Mix, a Premier Club Mix and Hula Loop Mix. It was written and composed by M. Thornhill, Gino Olivieri and Ivan Pavlin (who also stand behind Lost's single Because You Loved Me and Premier's single I Like Your Love).

Group , EuroEnergy
ID# :579


Another Night (May, 21 1996)
Fill Me Up (Nov, 11 1996)
Dreaming Of You (Jan, 21 1997)
A Second Chance (Apr, 21 1997)
Let Me Go (1998)
Take Me With Your Love (Jun, 10 1998)
Listen (Apr, 25 2000)
So Close To The Heavens (Oct, 24 2000)

Libra is a project of SAIFAM Publishing Group. It featured many female vocalists. All the singles were released as vinyls under the label 21st Century records.

Libra's first single was the gorgeous eurodance song Another Night. It was produced by S. Ghilardi and D. Roosen, composed and written by S. Ghilardi, D. Roosen, Mauro Farina and Fabio Serra. The vinyl incuded 3 versions : a Dance Mix, a Progressive Mix and a Radio Edit. Then came the Fill Me Up, also released in 1996.

It was followed in 1997 by the awesome track Dreaming Of You. Behind this single stood the same musical and production team. The vinyl included a Onemeter Hair Mix, a Factory Team Mix and a Radio Edit.

A Second Chance was Libra's fourth single. It was once again a very powerful eurodance song. There were 3 mixes to be found on the vinyl : a Factory Team Mix, a Dub mix and Radio edit.

The single Let Me Go does not appear in SAIFAM's catalogue, maybe it was only released on compilations.

Take Me With Your Love was released in 1998, it came in 3 flavours : Factory Team Mix, Train Express Mix and 7" Edit.

Libra's 2 last singles were released in 2000 : Listen (with a Factory Dance Mix, a Turatti's Touch and a Factory Alternative Mix), followed by So Close To The Heavens (with only 2 versions : the classical Factory Team Mix and a Batuca Mix)

Not to be confused with the Canadian project Libra and with the group Libra presents Taylor Anamoly.

Libra (2)
Group , EuroDance
ID# :580


Closer (Jun 1995)

Musical team : M. Gazzotti, C. Vacondio (DJ Corradino), G. Lui, D. Baldoni (aka DJD). Libra is a Canadian eurodance project that has so far released only one single entitled Closer, recorded in Montreal, released in 1995. With the radio edit also come an Euro mix, a Vocal club mix and a Still waiting mix.

Group , EuroDance
ID# :581


Got To Move Your Body (Aug, 15 1994)
The Girl of Your Dreams (Mar, 28 1995)

Lick consists of the two producers Delmundo (aka Wessel van Diepen, radio DJ and also one of the producers of the Vengaboys ) and Peran (a DJ in the famous Dutch club IT who has also produced stuff with some other IT dj's like DJ Jean). The vocals on both singles are by Kentucky Martha. On Got To Move Your Body Delmundo and Peran even do some vocals themselves as the heavily vocoded backing vocals. Lick seems to pretty close with 2 Brothers On The 4th Floor , because they thank them on both singles and Lick also remixed about every early 2 Brothers single. Unfortunately they didn't make more than these two singles. I'm The Girl Of Your Dreams was later covered by Solid Base who turned this track into a fast happy rave tune.

Thanks to Bart van Eijck

Lies In A Box
Group , EuroDance
ID# :1450


I Wish You (1994)
You Take My Heart Away (1995)
Lonely Days (1995)

I Wish You was originally recorded by an Italian band called ArX. all the singles by Lies In A Box were released under the label Propio Records.

Thanks to ReBeL

Lil Suzy
Group , EuroDance
ID# :582


1. Children Of The World, 2. Love Can't Wait, 3. True Love, 4. Sweet September Love, 5. Falling In Love, 6. Honestly In Love, 7. Take Me In Your Arms, 8. Prove Your Love

Back To Dance (December, 27 1993)

1. Turn The Beat Around, 2. Till The End Of Time, 3. Real Love, 4. Work, 5. You & Me, 6. Don't Let This Feeling End, 7. Alone And In Love, 8. Take Me In Your Arms (Remix), 9. I think I'm In Love, 10. You're The One For Me, 11. Since I've Met You, 12. Don't Be Lonely

Life Goes On (April, 21 1995)

1. Promise Me, 2. Now & Forever, 3. Lies, 4. Just Can't Get Over You, 5. Someone For Me, 6. When I Fall In Love, 7. Take Me Back, 8. We'd Always Be Together, 9. I'm Not Ready, 10. Promise Me

Paradise (August, 15 1997)

1. Can't Get You Out Of My Mind (Remix), 2. You're The Only One, 3. Everytime I Dream, 4. I Still Love You, 5. Memories, 6. Do You Want To Ride, 7. Erased, 8. Can't Get You Out Of My Mind, 9. Love Letter Lost, 10. Paradise, 11. The Way I Love You, 12. The Nite, 13. To Be With You, 14. I Want Your Love

Megamix (2000)

Best Of... (October, 5 2000)

1. You're The Only One, 2. Promise Me, 3. Just Can't Get Over You, 4. The Way I Love You, 5. Now & Forever, 6. Memories, 7. Take Me Back, 8. I Still Love You, 9. Everytime I Dream, 10. When I Fall In Love, 11. Do You want To Ride, 12. Can't Get You Out Of My Mind, 13. I Want Your Love, 14. Lies, 15. The Nite, 16. Take Me In Your Arms, 17. You're The Only One, 18. Till the End Of Time, 19. Real Love

The Greatest Hits (November, 20 2001)

1. Take Me In Your Arms, 2. Promise Me, 3. Just Can't Get Over You, 4. Now And Forever, 5. When I Fall In Love, 6. Memories, 7. Love Can't Wait, 8. Real Love, 9. Can't Get You Out Of My Mind, 10. Sweet September Love, 11. Turn The Beat Around, 12. Paradise, 13. You're The Only One, 14. I Still Love You, 15. Every Time I Dream, 16. Sweet Lies, 17. So Lonely, 18. Back In Your Arms


Falling in Love (1992)
Take Me In Your Arms (Apr, 9 1992)
Turn the Beat Around (Dec, 7 1993)
Promise Me (Nov, 2 1994)
Now & Forever (1995)
When I Fall In Love (Dec, 8 1995)
Just Can't Get Over You/Lies (Nov, 19 1996)
Can't Get You Out Of My Mind (Jun, 10 1997)
Memories (Nov, 11 1997)
I Still Love You (Jul 1998)
You're The Only One (Nov, 23 1999)

Co-writer for Now And Forever and When I Fall In Love : Alexia Phillips

Lil Suzy's real name is Suzanne Casale and she was born in Brooklyn, New York on the March 1st, 1979. Her career started already when she was 5, when an agent spotted her singing and dancing at Manhattan Beach in Brooklyn. She did renditions of hits by Madonna, Cindy Lauper and a few others and she soon became very popular.

When she was 8 she signed here first record contract. The same year (1987) she appeared on the american show Star Search, although she didn't win it was an acomplishment just to get on the show.

In 1991 her first album Love Can't Wait was released and in 1992, when she was 12, she hade her first hit with Take Me In Your Arms. With this song she got her first gold record and it was Billboards #1 Dance music hit of the year. She also got an award as 1992 Best New Dance Artist. Later in 1992 the second single Falling In Love was released.

The third single to be released was Turn The Beat Around, which is a remake of a classic disco song, and it was followed by her second album called Back To Dance. Suzy didn't like how her second album turned out so when her contract was up she and her parents decided to take control of her career. They started the record label Empress Records and Suzy became the president, which makes her the youngest in the business.

The fourth single out was Promise Me which climbed on the Billboard's Hot 100 Chart. In April 1995 she released her third album, and the first one on her own label, Life Goes On. The fifth single out was Now and Forever. The sixth single out was When I Fall In Love, released in December 1995, which was a pure eurodance track with rap.This single was followed by another single released in

November 1996 called Just Can't Get Over You.

In June 1997 the single Can't Get You Out Of My Mind was released and it was followed by a new album, released in August, called Paradise. Her latest single, which was released in November 1997, is a cover of Netzwerk 's big hit Memories done in freestyle.

In late July, Lil Suzy released I Still Love You, the third single off of her Paradise album. This is her first ballad to be released as a single, but no need to worry, there are plenty of dance mixes. A dance mix was done by none other than Victor Franco. Adam Marano, who produced the original version, has also done a Freestyle/Trip Hop version to satisfy her core fans! An underground House mix was done by Denny Tsettos, who just remixed La Bouche 's You Won't Forget Me. Lil Suzy has also rethe song in Spanish, which is said by many to sound way better than the english version.

In summer of 1998 Lil Suzy signed her first act to her Empress Label. No Shame, a group from Philadelphia, will be releasing their debut single One Night which features the freestyle diva in the fall of 1998.

The fourth single single off the album Paradise called You're The Only One was released on November 23, 1999 (and not in April as it was initially planned)

A Lil Suzy Megamix was released in the winter of 1999/2000 and it included remixes of Take Me In Your Arms,
Real Love, Till The End Of Time and much more.

Lil Suzy opened a nail salon on Staten Island October 2nd, 2000. She was very busy for 3 months when she was in school acquiring her nail technician license 5 days a week and doing her shows on the weekends. Meanwhile she said she was currently sorting through some material and waiting for something she absolutely love. Then she would record it.

Linda M
Group , EuroDance
ID# :583


Rhythm Of Love (May, 23 1997)

The single Rhythm Of Love was composed and written by Nosie Katzmann , Peter Gräber and Frank Bülow. It was produced by Gena B Good and contained many remixes such as the Gena's Short Disco mix, the AMW Radio mix, or hte DJ Delicious Supernoca mix. it also contains a B-side entitled Fool For Your Love.

Lip Service
Group , EuroDance
ID# :1806


It's A Miracle (Jun, 1 1994)

Label : EAMS

Thanks to reBeL

Lita Brown
Group , EuroDance
ID# :1650


Do You Feel The Love (Sep, 1 1997)
Lovin' (Feb, 23 1998)
Get Somebody To Love (Jun, 22 1998)

Label : Interdance

Thanks to reBeL

Little Adrian
Group , EuroDance
ID# :1601


To You (Sep, 27 1994)

To You is a very nice eurodance song featuring some child sounds and the voice of the vocalist who also appeared on TH Express' album. It was released in Italy in 1994 under the label 21st Century records, then in Germany in January 1995 under Polydor.

Live 2 Love
Group , EuroDance
ID# :584


La Cosa Mas Bella (Jun, 11 1996)
Estrella Gemella (Sep, 30 1996)
Cuanto Amor Me Das (1997)
Spending My Time (Mar, 3 1997)
Time To Say Goodbye (Jul, 25 1997)
We Are The Champions (1998)
Un'Emergeza D'Amore (Feb, 16 1999)

Maison de production : SAIFAM Publishing Group .

Live 2 Love used to be the name of Farina's production dedicated at first exclusively to make dance covers to Eros Ramazotti's songs, like La Cosa Más Bella and Estrella Gemela, always with female vocals.

1997 : Time To Say Goodbye : it was just a matter of waiting: Farina surely wouldn't let this one escape. The song most sold in Europe ever (will there be another record in 1998?) received a 5 stars dance cover from the SAIFAM team. The duo Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman became one voice in the cover, and what a voice, cause I don't think it's easy to repeat what those classical singers did in the original. Farina probably hadn't to go far from Verona to find the female vocalist

1997 : Spending My Time This new song was originally recorded by Roxette in 1993, and appears in their Joyride album. Slow rock songs are a problem to dance remakers, because they have to increase the pitch without 'pitching' the voice... Farina decided to use a fast tempo but keeping the voice in its original speed. 

© Eurodancehits

Livin' Joy
Group , EuroDance
ID# :585


Don't Stop Movin'

1. Don't Stop Movin', 2. Follow The Rules, 3. Deep In You, 4. Dreamer, 5. Pick Up The Phone, 6. Be Original, 7. Where Can I Find Love, 8. Don't Cha Wanna, 9. Whenever You're Lonely, 10. Let Me Love You, 11. Dreamer (mix), 12. Don't Stop Movin' (mix)


Dreamer (Sep, 19 1994)
Dreamer '95 (May, 8 1995)
Don't Stop Movin' (Apr, 18 1996)
Where Can I Find Love (Mar, 24 1997)
Deep In You (Sep, 10 1997)
Follow The Rules (Oct, 10 1997)
Just For The Sex Of It (Feb, 8 1999)

Vocals and lyrics : Tameka Star
Composers and producers : Paulo and Gianni Visnadi

Paulo and Gianni Visnadi were working in England as dance music composers, they started the project for Livin' Joy in 1993 with Janice Robinson as female vocalist. They released a single entitled Dreamer which was so succesful that it was re-released in 1995. Dreamer was # 28 in Israel, # 18 in the UK in it's first release and # 1 there after the second release.

Then Janice left the group. The Visnadi bros. met Tameka Star in Liverpool '94. She had spent most of her childhood on military bases around Europe and always wanted to be famous. When Tameka's soulful lyrics and the Visnadi bros. up tempo beats mixed, the hits started coming. Don't Stop Movin' was perfect for a follow up single, it was a worldwide hit in the second half of 1996. It reached #5 in UK, #1 in Italy, # 6 in Israel, and #3 in Australia. It sold a total of 2 million copies worldwide. Singles to follow were Follow The Rules (# 8 in Israel, # 8 in the UK), Where Can I Find Love (# 9 in Israel, # 12 in the UK), Deep In You (which also contained a Megamix). Then the debut album Don't Stop Movin'. was released, it contained a secret song which was Dreamer (sung by Janice Robinson). It reached #41 in UK.

Livin' Joy were pretty quiet in 1998, but made a huge comeback in 1999 with the release of the new single Just For The Sex Of It. This up-tempo infectious dance song became a club anthem announcing a second album also entitled Just For The Sex Of It. It should be released sometime this year.

Thanks to Rogier Verkroost
Livin' Joy homepage
Thanks to Shimon O'Hana for the charts positions

Livrano Domenico
Producer , EuroDance
ID# :1332

Domenico Livrano was born on the 16th January 1967. He reached the break into the international charts with the group E-Rotic for the first time in 1993. Due to his creative ideas and proper sound he celebrated worldwide charts successes in the following years with various artists and groups.

He co-operated among others with the producers Frank Farian, Mike Staab, Felix Gauder, David Brandes, Frank Fenslau, Thomas Anders (Modern Talking) and DMP Productions.

He is currently busy working on a new music project, with his old friend Daniel Peyer.

Cool Act

Llorenna Kelly
Group , EuroDance
ID# :586


1. Tell It To My Heart, 2. Set You Free, 3. Heart Of Gold, 4. Forever, 5. True Love Never Dies, 6. Brighter Day, 7. Fantasy, 8. Never Let You Go, 9. Fly With Me, 10. Reaching Out, 11. Release The Pressure, 12. Te Quiero, 13. Truth, 14. Red Sky


One Day I'll Fly Away (promo only)
Brighter Day (Mar, 1 1996)
Tell It To My Heart (Jul, 4 2002)
Heart Of Gold (Nov, 5 2002)
This Time I Know It's For Real (Feb 2004)

Kelly knew since the age of 4 that she would become a singer. As she was only 12, she was spotted and took part to the broadcast Wack-A-Day. She entered Drama School as she was 16, and started her first band, called Freedom. But her real musical career started at 18 years old when she provided the vocals to N-Trance's hit Set You Free. N-Trance (Longworth and O'Toole) were two of her friends from the college where she lived in Manchester. N-Trance at the time were signed up by Pete Waterman who's been responsible for huge his in the late eighties and early ninties for artists such as Kylie Minogue, Sybil, Mel & Kim... However, due to distribution and legal problems, Set You Free did not get the success it deserved. After almost a year in late 1993 All Around The World (AATW) records decided to give N-Trance another chance and released the track. But once again the release was a failure. On its second release in 1994 it peaked at #39. But on it was on its third release that it took the UK by storm spending countless weeks on the chart in mid 1995.

Thanks to the success of Set You Free, Kelly could record her first solo single Brighter Day. Sadly the track never really took off... Only a team up with old mates N-Trance with Mind Of The Machine in 1997 gave Kelly another top 40 in the nineties. Her voice was also featured on the songs Paradise City, Shake Your Body, Tears In The Rain...

In 2001 N-Trance decided to make a collection of the best remixes of Set You Free and put them out as a single. This proved to be highly successful making it a hit all over again all around Europe. Kelly's services were called upon once again to promote the new mixes and a fine job she did of it too !

Kelly took part to the release of a cover of Prince's single 1999 in association with Nelson, Marcel Romanov and Stay C.

Shortly after Kelly was asked to re-record the old Rank 1 club hit True Love Never Dies by Flip & Fill. The track was a huge hit all over Europe in late 2001 and a big top 10 in the UK in early 2002. And in July 2002 Kelly finally achieved solo success with a superb version of Taylor Dayne's Tell It To My Heart which peaked #9 on the UK chart. More recently Kelly released a new track Forever with N-Trance which made #6 in September 2002. Kelly's long awaited debut album All Clubbed Up was released in November.

One Day I'll Fly Away was released as a promotional 12" and very rare promotional digipack CD. It was never commercially released. It's a cover of the classic song, sung most recently by Nicole Kidman in the film Moulin Rouge.

2003 : Kelly contributed to N-Trance's single Destiny. A follow-up was already planned. She may also release a solo single entitled Right Now.

2004 : In February she released a brand new single entitled This Time I Know It's For Real. It was produced by Riffs & Rays. In March it reached #5 in Irish charts. It was originally a hit all over the world for Donna Summer in 1989.

Kelly Llorenna Unofficial
Kelly Llorenna Official Site

Group , EuroDance
ID# :587


Message On Air (Jun, 19 1996)

The single was released under Edel productions.

Group , EuroDance
ID# :588


Future World (May, 29 1995)

Greatest Hits (1999)


Summer Summer Summer (May, 10 1993)
Hold On (Nov, 2 1993)
Love Is Magic (Feb, 22 1994)
Wake The World (Aug, 5 1994)
Don't Stop Me Now (1995)
Free Me (Jul, 7 1995)
It's Raining Again (Oct, 9 1995)
Mallorca (Sep, 3 1996)
Long John Silver (Jun, 20 1997)
Summer Summer Remix (Aug 2003)
Still No1 (2004)

Loft stands for 'Live Our Fathers' Teaching'. The members are Courtney Williams and Richard Williams, the rapper is Ranking Richie, and various vocalists took part to the project, including Lori Glori and Kim Sanders. Produced by DMP (Michael Eisele and Dietmar Stehle), Loft makes a very upbeat sound, varying from eurodance to what is called euro-reggae (an electronic reggae style, done by European groups like Ace Of Base, for instance).

Wake The World, the debut album of Loft, was something very surprising. By the time of its release, there was nothing alike in the market, so innovation was the word. All the singles became eurodance classics : the first one was Hold On , which peaked # 8 in Israel. It featured the voices of Kim Sanders and Magdalena Reyes. The texts were written by Nosie Katzmann with C. & R. Williams, the music was composed by Attack II, Giora Schein and Nosie Katzmann. It was recorded in 1993 and released the following year. A remixes single was also released, included a 3-nuts mix and a mix by TNT.

It was followed by the hits Wake The World and Love Is Magic. Even the one which flopped (only # 21 in Israel), Summer Summer Summer, was a great euro-reggae anthem.

Future World was the second album of Loft. Released in 1997, its sound was still great eurodance, fortunately with less reggae influences than the previous one. The single tracks, Don't Stop Me Now and It's Raining Again were the best ones (the last one sounds very DJ Bobo-ish since it was written by Axel Breitung). The vocalist was not Kim Sanders anymore, but the production team was still done by the wizards Cyborg, DMP and Nosie Katzmann.

Afterwards 2 new singles not featured on the album were released. With Long John Silver they went back to their euro-reggae roots. Their last single, Mallorca, is a homage to one of the most beautiful islands in Europe.

1999 : they released a Best Of album including a previously unreleased track : Hang On Sloopy.

2003 : LOFT, like many German eurodance groups, released a 2004 version of their hit Summer Summer Summer

2004 : LOFT are back for good with a brand new single called Still Number One. Apparently the ragga-rapper is still the same but the female vocalist is new. The sound is definitevely ragga, but the B-side We Pray is dance. The exact release date is not known yet.

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Logic Beat
Group , EuroDance
ID# :589


I Wanna Cry (1996)
I Want Your Love (Mar, 1 1996)

I Wanna Cry was released under the label Fonovisa. It included 4 tracks : among them a Single edit, a Dance mix and a UK Dub mix. I Want Your Love was not very succesful and is very hard to find.

Logic Records
Company ,
ID# :590

This label released singles for the projects Clubzone, Dr Alban, La Bouche, Le Click, Regina, Scatman in the US.

Lona Dee
Group , EuroDance
ID# :1813


Memories (Mar, 25 1997)

Lona Dee is a German project of the company Edel Records. The producer and musical team around this track included Frank Bülow (who also contributed to some tracks of ATC, Culture Beat and Nina), Bernd Breiter and Rainer Kempf. The song was used for the TV soap Unter Uns.

Producer , EuroDance
ID# :591

Producer of  N-Trance, project he created in 1990 with Kevin O' Toole as they were still students studying sound engineering in Manchester.

Look Twice
Group , EuroDance
ID# :592


1. Mr Dance And Mr Groove, 2. Move That Body, 3. Shake That Rump, 4. That's The Way (I like it), 5. Good Time, 6. Keep It kickin', 7. Harmony, 8. Power People, 9. Groovy Thing, 10. Twice As Nice

Happy Hour (1995)

Celebrate (1997)

1. Intro, 2. Funk You Up, 3. Me & My Boys, 4. Get Up, 5. Good Vibration, 6. All the Ladies, 7. Interlude, 8. Do U Wanna Boogie, 9. Joy, 10. Who's in Town, 11. Again, 12. Hanging Out, 13. Outro, 14. We Will Rock You

3 Is A Crowd (November, 21 2001)

1. Pimp Daddy, 2. Break The Ice, 3. Getting Over You, 4. 3 Is A Crowd, 5. Get Down, 6. Do You Wanna Feel It, 7. Jam Jam Jam (All Night Long), 8. Hey You, 9. Turn Around, 10. Take Your Time, 11. Boot Camp, 12. U Connect Me, 13. I Say


Twice As Nice
Shake That Rump (1993)
Good Time (1993)
Slammin' Christmas (1993)
Move That Body (Aug, 19 1994)
Mr Dance & Mr Groove (Nov, 30 1994)
Go Away (1995)
Feel The Night (1995)
That's The Way (Feb, 17 1995)
Do U Wanna Boogie (Oct, 9 1996)
Get Up (Mar, 31 1997)
Funk You Up (May, 28 1997)

Location : Malmö, Sweden
Label : MNW Dance
Producer : Håkan Lidbo

Look Twice includes one of Sweden's brightest new singers, Veronica Larsson and a rapping duo : Wincent (alias Vinny) and Crazy G , two guys who call their music 'positive hip hop'. Upbeat tracks with unescapable hooks and some of the fastest and wittiest rap around. They established in 1992 and they made their debut with the hit single Shake That Rump in June 1993. Their second single followed one year later in spring 1994 (August 1994 for Germany) and was entitled Move That Body, featuring this time the voice of Gladys. The first album Twice As Nice came out the same year, after more than 200 public appearances. It includes tracks e.g. Go Away, Feel The Night and That's The Way (I Like It). To continue their funky spirits, several singles were released in 1995 and 1996; like Go Away or Feel The Night. These singles received excellent reviews in Billboard and went up several international charts thanks to the support from their loyal young fans throughout the world.

Look Twice have through the years performed exceptionally well on radio, club and sales charts around the world, e.g. in the US, Canada, Japan, Germany, Australia, New Zeeland, Poland, Rumania, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, South Africa, the Philippines, Taiwan, Singapore, South Korea and China. Their music is inspired and influenced by artist like: Mark Morrison, Fugge's, Frank Sinatra, Treble & Bass, Prodigy and Disco from the 70's.

Early 1997 Look Twice teamed up with producer Johan Bejerholm - who previously has produced platinum selling acts like Trampolines, Treble & Bass and Family Tree - to produce their new album Celebrate. The new album contained 13 smashing hit songs. the band decided to change style from fast eurodance to R&B. In 1997 released second album Celebrate's first single Do U Wanna Boogie was a fiasco but the next singles gained popularity.

Look Twice recently returned from their second Asian tour. As the first western pop act ever, Look Twice performed on national TV and did a three week tour in major cities in China. Encouraged by the love and gifts from their Asian fans, Look Twice were ready to present their new album to the world.

2001 : Look Twice were back with a new album called 3 Is A Crowd, released in Japan only. At this time, Wincent was still a part of the group.

Group , EuroDance
ID# :1425


Skate With Me (Oct, 27 1995)

This project features feat the champion skater Katarina Witt, Melanie Thornton, Joan Faulkner & Linda Rocco.

Loren X
Group , EuroDance
ID# :1743


Shake It Up (1993)

Records Company : Italian Style. Tracks like Love Tribu or Overrides are from another artist with the same name.

Lorenz D
Group , EuroDance
ID# :1326


Mystery (Jun, 19 1995)

Mystery is a very nice Eurodance track featuring the voice of a solo male vocalist, probably Laurent N'Diaye himself (whose name also appears on the track I Want You by Po.Lo) . It was recorded at Gallery studio, written and composed by M. Traversoni, R. Calzolari, L. N'Diaye and Claudio Malatesti and released under the label Due (DWA Records).

Group , EuroDance
ID# :593


Show Me Your Love (1995)
And The Beat Goes On (Oct, 7 1996)

Lorenza Clarissa Van Vliet was born on the 7th April 1974 in Rotterdam. Her father was Dutch and her mother was Indonesian. Very early she showed her musical talents and studied theater at school. Then she sung as soprano in a choir. Afterwards, she won the first place in a talent search competition in Rotterdam, which lead her to take part to a song festival in Romania. During this festival, she sung in front of 10 000 persons and won the 7th place.

In 1995 she created the projected lorenza with the rapper D-Smoove. Their first single Show Me Your Love was very succesful. The next year came the second single And The Beat Goes On, which entered the German top 100. The last single was recorded with the charity project Hand In Hand for Children. She also did concerts with Mr President in 1997.

Then she took part to the TV-shows Kinder Wetten Dass, Jose Carrera Gala, and the Dome. She also took part to various bands based in Karlsruhe. Then she was spotted by Holger Köhlitz, Tobias Griebel and the manager Andreas Bonnet to replace Shelly Williamson as singer for the Cover-up project.

Lorenza loves to sing, to dance, horse-riding, to eat, and her 2 cats Cashmir & Luca. Her favourite singers are Janet Jackson, Whitney Houston, Céline Dion, and Aretha Franklin. Her favourite actor is Jean-Claude van Damme.

Thanks to Christian DTM NoLimits
Lorenza at Cover Up

Lory Lee
Group , EuroDance
ID# :594


If You Soul Believes Me (May, 27 1992)
Let Me Be (Jun, 11 1993)

If You Soul Believes Me was released under Magma records in 1992. The follow-up Let Me Be is a very nice euro track which features the raps of Turbo B himself. Both records were released under Magma records.

Lost'N Found
Group , EuroDance
ID# :1435


Built It Up (Oct, 23 1995)

The CD includes a In the Radio-Mix, a House-Mix and a Blue Circle Mix.

Group , EuroDance
ID# :1816


Mercy (1995)
Latin Lover (1996)

Label : Stockholm Records

Thanks to reBeL

Group , EuroDance
ID# :1791


I'm Loosing My Mind (Nov, 30 1994)

L.O.V. is a project of the label Italian Style.

Thanks to reBeL

Love 4 Sale
Group , EuroDance
ID# :595


Make Me Cry
Gimme All Your Money (1992)
Do You Feel So Right (1993)
Money (I Need Your Love) (Aug, 2 1993)
Do You Feel So Right (re-release with '94 rmx) (1994)
Midnight (Jul, 18 1994)

No picture on the Love 4 Sale sleeves but a small mouse... The first single to be released was Do You Feel So Right, including a B-side named Fragile. This track was composed by L. Stanga, I. Gechele, and G. Loda. Midnight, released one year later, was created by the same team.

Love Dove
Group , EuroDance
ID# :596


Say You Want Me (1995)

Label : Volumex. This project features the voice of Maryelle.

Love Factory
Group , EuroDance
ID# :597


Get Up Now (1994)

Musical team : P. Beaureperre, L. Istel

Love Message
Group , EuroDance
ID# :598


Love Message (Feb, 9 1996)

Collective album produced by Masterboy to help the research against AIDS. There are songs of DJ Bobo , E-Rotic , Fun Factory , Mr President , Scooter , U96 and Worlds Apart, and a collective title Love Message, written by Masterboy and released under the project name of Love Message.

Love Nation
Group , EuroDance
ID# :599


Come On Let It Be (1995)

Taleesa is the female vocalist of the project.

Thanks to Alex "Energy" Laba

Love Preacher
Group , EuroDance
ID# :600


Love Takes You Higher (Oct, 27 1994)

Love Preacher features the voice of Nora and the ragga-raps of Graham Idus. The single was composed by Lang and List (also co-writers with Morgan). It was produced by TTM.

Group , EuroDance
ID# :1551


Hold Me (Sep, 27 1996)

LTD Express
Group , EuroDance
ID# :601


Bring Me Up (Jul, 8 1996)

Bring Me Up was composed and written by Yamamoto, Stone and Reith. It was published under Edition Noiseless/Warner Chappell.

Lukas Kim
Group , EuroTrance
ID# :602


With a K


All I Really Want (Dec, 6 1999)
Let It Be The Night (Mar, 6 2000)
To Be You (Oct, 16 2000)
Cloud 9 (Mar, 29 2001)

Revelation of the summer '99 with All I Really Want established like an eurodance pop star with the follow-up Let It Be The Night Kim Lukas, a British beauty born in Redhill who lives currently in Italy. Kim is a true Artist at 360 degrees, graduated at Academy of Live and Recorded Arts of London she is as well a dancer and obviously a pop singer. After the release of To Be You her first Album With a K is out worldwide licensed by the Italian label DB One. The new release single Cloud 9 is expected to be another hit.

Group , EuroDance
ID# :603


Touch Me Baby

The single was composed by C. Favili and G. Giogilli.

Group , EuroDance
ID# :1279


Close Your Eyes (1995)

Luv Dub
Group , EuroDance
ID# :604


Run To Me

Group , EuroDance
ID# :1343


Get High (Feb, 20 1995)

Get High was first released in December 1994, then re-released in Februry 1995 under CD-single and vinyl format. It inlcuded a Radio Version, a Club Mix, a Crossing 152nd st. Mix and a B-side simply entitled Luxoria.

Thanks to reBeL

Member , EuroDance
ID# :1299

Lydia Madajewski was born on the 30th March 1980 in Graudenz (Poland) . She and did an office training at Bros Music. She gave her voice to some studio projects, then became E-rotic's voice since 1999. But Jeanette Christensen, the official frontwoman, kept on doing the live shows. Then, after Jeanette left, she was replaced by Yasmin, who did not stay very long. Afterwards, the Bros Music team decided to reveal Lydia to the world. "We didn't hide Lydia... Actually the reason why she wasn't supposed to go on stage, was the fact, that we were planning another project with Lydia... Anyway, we re-scheduled this plan" David Brandes explains.

Lydia currently lives in Grenzach-Wyhlen. She is 1,72 m for 55 kg. She has eclectic musical tastes : she loves everything with a nice melody ! For dancing, she enjoys for example black music. Her favourite artists are Craig David, Roxette, Ace Of Base, Laith Al-Deen, Xavier Naidoo, Celine Dion, Sarah McLachlan... As far as her hobbies are concerned, she likes swimming, inline-skating, making musik, laughing, cinema and dancing.

Lyte Richy
Member , EuroDance
ID# :605

See Ricardo da Force

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